Welcome to AcquestArte

Welcome to AcquestArte, the latest Ascona art gallery. This website brings AquestArte and its collection to you in your own home; a collection of modern art by contemporary artists. Some of these artists have already made a name for themselves. But we also present with pride the faces of a number of 'upcoming talents', with work that particularly appealed to us.


All the information is presented to you in a clear-cut manner. Under the keyword "Artists" you can read about the backgrounds and work of the artists associated with the gallery; it is only early days for AcquestArte, but it already has associations with a respectable number of 35 artists. Under "Collection" you can view all of the artwork offered by the gallery, whilst under the heading "Buy or Rent" you will find information about how to obtain a piece of art. And if, for example, you are wondering exactly what the difference is between acrylic paint and oil paint, it is best to go and have a look at "What you would like to know". Here, you can also read more about the various art movements. You will find various pieces of information, news items and similar under "News" and under "Exhibitions".

If you would like us to keep you up to date, without obligation, about our exhibitions, offers or other special items, please register for our electronic newsletter through the Contact page.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy viewing this website. The website offers you the perfect opportunity to view our artwork at your leisure. Browse through by artist, new acquisitions or view the works of art one by one. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us; you can either send us an e-mail, or pop along to visit us at the gallery. We would be pleased to meet you there. For the information that you require, simply click on 'opening times', 'address' or 'route planner'.