Heidweiller, George

George Heidweiller is a Dutch artist who currently works and lives in Holland but he spent many years in Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA). He began his career as an artist in the early 80s studying at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Shortly after completing his studies, the Dutch government commissioned him a couple of jobs. His first exhibition at Miller Gallery has been a real success. At that time he was only 23 years. A couple of years later he began to travel, especially in India and Thailand, places that have left their clear imprint in Heidweiller works, especially for the vibrant colors he uses. In 2008, while attending the Burning Man Festival George he first visited Santa Fe in New Mexico. Santa Fe is one of the major art cities in the United States with over 200 galleries. He decides that in this city he may be able to take a break on his career as a painter to study sculpture, ceramics, welding and three-dimensional designs.


Heidweiller uses for his paintings a mixed technique: images silk-screened on canvas and acrylic. During the process, the individual images depicting views of the city, come together and create a new and unique landscape.


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