Verdoes, Mark


AcquestArte presents Mark Verdoes

The Dutch photographer and painter Mark Verdoes was born in Hague (Netherlands) in 1960. Currently he lives between Netherlands and India.
After his studies in Photography, he commits to several type of artworks, travelling and philosophic speculation. Thanks to that his photographic art improved as far as embracing various form of visual arts.
The visual poetry of the artist shows a temporary and timeless beauty: the unavoidable and poetic decline of everything.


Mark Verdoes’ artworks

Currently Mark Verdoes works on artworks that represent still lives, a personal version of the Dutch artistic movement vanitas (XVII C.) where Asian and Taoist influences flow together.
The transitoriness and the infinite constitute the sources of inspiration of Verodes: traditional concepts that the artist renovate thanks to an experimental technique where the painting embrace the photographic image and the photography is invaded by pictorial elements. The result is an original combination of figurative art, photography, poetry, digital and printing technique.
“The meaning is in the path that we chose to follow. The destination is deceptive. Time is movement, movement is progress. My art consists in the attempt to translate this way of thinking in my artworks. This without knowing where all this will bring me. Intuition makes me move.” In his recent artworks, Verdoes continues investigating the big subjects that have characterized his artworks since the origin: the way (Taoism), the Earth and the cosmos, the decay, life as energy and uninterrupted change of shapes. In his paintings there are several dimensions that give life to a new and unknown world, a poetic world, the world of Verdoes.


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