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AcquestArte specialises in contemporary, international art. Nowhere else will you always find such a large collection which is immediately available! At the gallery, you will find artists such as Corneille, Anis Ashkar, Clemens Briels, Ron van der Werf, Femke Teussink, Ton Schulten, Zak Shiff, Lena Kramaric, Velimr Trnski, Casper Faassen, Nando Snozzi, Alex&Felix and many others, all intermingled. The finest collection of around 1,000 pieces of art by famous artists, where not only can you elect to purchase the work, but may also like to consider our attractive rental options!

attractive rental options

AcquestArte also gives you the option of renting the artwork. That applies to private individuals, companies and organisations. In Switzerland, art rental is not yet the norm, whereas elsewhere in Europe, this is a widespread trend. AcquestArte also offers you this option. You may fall in love with a work and wish to buy it immediately and if you do, that's absolutely fine; actually totally understandable. But perhaps you would prefer to first of all test out the work, or perhaps even frequently change the artwork that you display? Or perhaps buying the piece of art is actually currently not an option. In those cases, hiring offers a perfect solution. To buy or to rent? You are therefore not forced to choose between all or nothing. You can quite simply first of all rent a piece of art and then, at a later stage, decide to buy it. AcquestArte offers two methods of hiring. Below please find an explanation of each of the methods, along with examples:


methods of hiring

1. Rent
You pay 1.5% of the value of the work each month in rental ; the minimum period of rent is 12 months.
2. Rent+
With the Rent+ option, you pay 3% of the value of the work each month; 1% of that amount is rental and you save 2%. The minimum period of rent is 12 months.



method of rental

terms of payment



You pay 1.5% of the value of the work each month in rental;

The minimum period of rent is 12 months;



You pay 3% of the value of the work each month; 1% of that amount is rental and you save 2%;

The minimum period of rent is 12 months


An example. At AcquestArte you see a piece of art with a sale value of CHF 5,000.00. You would love to own this piece of art. Besides buying it, the options would be (All amounts include VAT):


Option 1 rental

You would pay 1.5% of CHF 5,000.00 each month. Each month you would pay: CHF 75.00

After two years, you decide to buy this piece of art. You would become the owner of this piece of art for CHF 5,000.00.

Option 2 rental+

You would pay 3% of CHF 5,000.00 each month. Each month you would pay: CHF 150.00

After two years, you decide to buy this piece of art. You have built up a savings balance of 24 x CHF 100.00 = CHF 2,400.00. This amount is deducted from the purchase price. You would pay an additional CHF 2,600.00.

If you would like to rent a piece of art, you will receive a rental contract. An example of the rental contract, as well as AcquestArte's general terms and conditions, can be read on and downloaded and printed from the website.


art for your home or your place of work

Art makes office premises look exclusive and individual. This gives the company a particular distinctive image for visitors, customers and competitors. Companies displaying art are considered to be more professional with a higher degree of expertise. Art also provides a pleasant and inspirational working environment, meaning your employees feel nicer, resulting in optimal performance. Art stimulates the imagination and encourages dialogue, creativity and incites innovation. Many companies buy art to express their image and to present themselves in a pleasant and inviting environment. Art in the workplace gives you the opportunity to disseminate your business philosophy in a stylish manner. To your company, art is therefore also added value and the tax authorities will pay towards it as the money that you spend on art is tax deductible. You can simply turn to AcquestArte and its collection to acquire artwork to be displayed at your company. AcquestArte can manage and maintain your art collection (performed digitally). AcquestArte is also the perfect place for a unique gift for your staff (for example, a Christmas gift) or for original promotional gifts.


working method

Jointly with you, AcquestArte will list your requirements and help you to decide on suitable locations for the artwork. You will then receive a bespoke proposal. Factors such as the desired image, interior and lighting are of importance, in order to decide on a suitable selection of artwork. After all, every room will have its own specific requirements. A meeting room would require different art to the reception, the board room or the shopfloor. It is important that the art collection expresses a clear and unambiguous art policy. Quality and professionalism are the points of departure when building up the gallery's collection, but also when selecting artwork for your company. AcquestArte also supplies professional suspension systems and can act as intermediary when the works of art are being hung. AcquestArte recommends that you start by renting the artwork. If you do not wish to part with a specific piece of art, you are able to purchase this at any time.



The piece of art that you have purchased can be sent to the location you stipulate. Depending on the destination, the material and the size of the piece of art, the most suitable method of transport will be used. The works of art are packaged properly and, if necessary, are crated. AcquestArte is responsible for the insurance and export documents. Zurigo Verzekeringen provides the insurance cover.





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