is a printing technique using high-quality colour pigments, the true colour of which is guaranteed for more than a hundred years.In addition to the colours cyan, magenta, yellow and black, a piezo printer also works with the colours pale cyan and pale magenta. These two additional colours ensure that the colour of water and the colour of skin and air are true to life. Piezography is particularly suitable for realistic works. It gives a lot of depth; you are unable to see a grid structure which can be seen in screen printing. Brush strokes are more intensive and there is no colour bleed. Piezography is a 21st century technique, and, considered historically, is the litho or book printing art of our time and, as with every 'in-thing' the giclee print has also earned its own place and has been fully accepted. The artist is of the opinion that, in the art world too, modern developments must not be pushed aside. In America, the form is already fully accepted.

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