The romantic movement is generally placed in the first half of the nineteenth century. The romantic movement is actually a spiritual movement which also influenced expressive art, literature and music. The romantic artist is mainly said to be pessimistic and melancholy with an unfulfilled feeling for life . He did not feel at home in this world that became ever more industrialised in the 19th century. From that disunity, he attempted to escape from that world through his artistic calling. Religion, the exotic, nature not spoiled by man, the heroic, the idealised childhood, but also the darkness of the night, the dream, the ecstasy, the occult and death were his havens of refuge. The romantic artist allowed himself to be led by his feelings and not so much by his rationale. In his work, he defied the strict rules of Classicism and worked according to his own individual perceptions. In Germany, painter Casper David Friedrich was one of the most famous representatives of the romantic attitude to life; in England that was, for example, William Blake, but also John Constable and William Turner are counted amongst the romantic painters. In France, that applied to painters such as Theodore Gericault and Eugene Delacroix.




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