graffiti and street art

Leaving messages or images in the streets or in other public places with paint or paint markers is called graffiti. Often, graffiti is associated with vandalism, but graffiti also exists as an art form. Initially, graffiti was seen as "low brow art", but gradually in wider circles the method of expression has evolved into an artistic expression. The graffitists take their inspiration from all sorts of other media. Graffiti art has also permeated the more socially accepted art forms. The consumer objects in American Art, the allergy to gallery art and the happening-and-performance drive of the conceptualists are elements that the spray can painters brought to Graffiti art in the 1980s. Graffiti painters produce equally good figurative and non-figurative creations. Without any forethought, the artist allows himself to be led purely by his spontaneity and a remarkably fast performance. Street art is a movement within the graffiti movement. Included under street art is all illegally applied art which cannot be considered to be classic graffiti. Most street art is in the form of stickers, templates and posters, but this also includes images, paintings and mobiles placed without permission.

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