The undersigned

AcquestArte with its office at 6612 Ascona, Via Collegio 11, represented by _________________ hereinafter referred to as AcquestArte,


___________________________________(name), __________________________ (address),
________________________(postcode) _________________________________(city/town) hereinafter referred to as the customer,

have agreed that:

Article 1. Rental of artwork

AcquestArte rents to the customer ______ artwork. The artwork is described in the appendix to this agreement. The market value amounts to CHF___________. The customer will place the piece of art at ________________________________(address) and will not remove the piece of art from this location without receiving the permission of AcquestArte.

Article 2. Rental period

The rental agreement will commence on .......................... and is entered into for a period of 12 months. After expiry of this rental period, the period will be renewed tacitly, each time by one month . The rent has to be cancelled in writing. Rental will still be collected for the month during which the agreement is cancelled.

Article 3. Rent

The rent amounts to 1.5% of the market value of the artwork each month. This is called rent type A


The rent amounts to 3% per month of the market value of the artwork. 1% of this is the actual rent and 2% is the saving balance. The savings balance accrued by the customer remains available to the customer. The customer can use the accrued savings balance for the purchase of one or more works of art from AcquestArte. The accrued savings balance is deducted from the purchase price. The accrued savings balance will not be refunded.

Article 4. Rules pertaining to the use of the artwork

1. the customer is responsible for transporting the artwork from and to AcquestArte, unless agreed otherwise.
2. the customer may not rent the artwork to third parties, may not grant the artwork on loan or give to a third party in another way.
3. , Copying and /or exhibiting the rented artwork is prohibited, unless AcquestArte has given written consent to this end.
4. the customer has to handle the artwork carefully. For example, the piece of art may not be placed in the immediate vicinity of a heat source or hung in a damp location, and direct sunlight also has to be avoided.

Article 5. Insurance and damage

1. for the artwork, AcquestArte has taken out insurance for fire, storm and/or burglary. The customer is liable for the excess amounting to CHF 200.00 per case of damage. The customer has to pay this amount at the first request by AcquestArte.
2. the customer is liable for damage to the artwork and/or the frame or for either being misplaced. The customer will inform AcquestArte immediately and in writing of a rented piece of art being damaged, misplaced or destroyed. Within one week after the occurrence of the damage to the piece of art, the customer will deliver the piece of art to AcquestArte for repair and restoration.

Article 6. Premature cancellation of the rental agreement

AcquestArte is entitled to dissolve this rental agreement prematurely and without observing the notice period and to claim back the artwork, if:
" the customer does not comply with his obligations, after being given notice of default;
" the customer is declared to be in a state of bankruptcy or has requested petition for suspension of payment;
"if all or part of the customer's possessions are seized;
" if the customer dies or in the case of a legal person, is dissolved;
" or if several pieces of art are seriously damaged on account of negligible acts by the renter.
If the agreement is dissolved, the customer is not entitled to a refund of the rental.

Article 7. Approval with the conditions

By signing the rental agreement, the customer declares that he agrees with the General Terms and Conditions of AcquestArte and that he shall comply with these in relation to this agreement.

Agreed upon and drawn up and signed in duplicate

Place/date ________________________ /date ____________________



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