Brands, Eugene


Eugene Brands was born in Amsterdam on the 15th January 1913. Painter and draughtsman, he studied at the Handelsschool (1927-31) and at the Kunstnijverheidsschool (1931-4), both in Amsterdam. During World War II he created surreal assemblages and abstract drawings, and his work was shown for the first time in 1946 in the jonge schilders exhibition in the Stedelijk museum, Amsterdam. In August 1948 he joined the dutch experimentele group, which later became part of Cobra. Compared to the work produced by members of Cobra such as Karel Appel, his work is dreamy and poetic. His starting-point was the world of the child and humanity in its natural state, where magic, eroticism and cosmos are central notions. He collected ritual objects and music from primitive peoples.

He died the 15th January 2002 in Amsterdam.


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