Ceuppens, Ronald


Ronald Ceuppens - a Belgian artist - is born in 1970. Ronald Studied at the Academie of fine Arts in Mechelen en Antwerp. Afther his stay in a graphic art studio in Enniscorty, he kept up with the new evolution in contemporary printmaking by following different courses in printstudios in Europe. He has won several prices and awards, both national and international. Ronald has exhibited widly and his work can be found in private collections in Europe, Australia and the US.


Ronal Ceuppens is a graphic artist  that enjoys nature. He likes long walks, hiking in the mountains or simply exploring the city. The itineraries of his walks are found in his work, reduced to their abstract form. Using sketches, drawings and objects collected during his walks, Ronald  makes the designs for his prints. Reproduced in a repetitive manner they give rise to serial work in which each work speaks individually. The reconstruction of images made up of such fragments is a way of preserving the memory of a place. The artist manages to translate nostalgia for the past into a search for future pleasure. Ronald Ceuppens creates an abstract world, filled with the sensitive melody of silence and serenity.


“We know that things not always are what they seem to be. We are rational observers, able to perceive the difference between reality and fiction, reality and illusion. Despite this, sometimes we are seduced by the pleasure of willingly suspend our disbelief as if we wanted to reach an agreement between what we know is true and we wish would be reality. The Internet made it possible to look for a portrait and art concept is undoubtedly his responsibility. It has transformed our view. I like to put questions towards this idea, and look for solutions in different fields. An abstraction does not ceases, therefore, to be a real object and a realistic painting is, given the right distance, a beautiful mix of material, multi-layered collage and assemblages charm, disturb and surprise  and texture which bring it close to plastic abstraction”

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