Lorenz, Birgit

AcquestArte presents Birgit Lorenz

Birgit Lorenz was born in Berlin in 1963 with a crayon box in her hands. She studies restauration, printing and art history and from 1997 to 2003 she opens her own art gallery. Currently lives and works in Bavaria near Kirchweidach, in an idyllic corner of the world. She teaches in various art accademy and she likes to think about herself as a freelance artist. Thanks to her several exhibitions, this versatile artist is winning great success at an international level.

Birgit Lorenz' artworks

Birgit Lorenz loves above all to portray feminine subject from different times, cleverly mixing between them modern pin-up with character of other times. Her paintings represent stories made by a sequence of images. Through them, the artist as a director, describes the complex feminine universe - the powerful charm of the women's aura and, together, their fragility and their exposed intimacy - facing important topics. It is indeed extremely incredible how this artist can transmit in such a colourful  and irresistible way current events such as violence, prostitution and pimping. She invites the observer to think about the woman’s situation. Woman that to this day has to fight for her rights for self-determination and independence. Birgit Lorenz’s artworks are predominantly mix of technique: oil paint, acrylic and pigments are mixed with photos, press cutting and fragments of handwriting sentences.


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