Briels, Helene


Helene Briels (NL; 1954) works and lives together with her husband, the glass artist Bert Frijns, in Burghsluis nearby the sea. Briels studied at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and specializes in textile design. For years Briels was working not only in the Netherlands but also in ateliers in France. Her work and artistic life showed a great development. Briels’ work belongs to the Minimalistic Art where all the artwork is stripped down to its most fundamental features. Briels made colorful unica silkscreens on textiles, frosted glass with figures and mosaic geometric images on paper. Always very simple, minimalistic and with colorful rhythm and compositions. The last few years Briels researched the spaciousness in her work. She spent some time working on the design of hundreds of patterns, based on the one pattern that she worked with for some time. Ultimately, a puzzle piece from each of these patterns becomes the basis for the last development in her work. After attending a course at Jeroen Paulussen fine painting (still lifes have always fascinated Briels) was a great leap forward in dealing with light and dark color. The new work consists of folded paper, painted and mounted on painted panels, an experience! In the exhibition at AcquestArte all this new works are shown. Briels has exhibited her works in many galleries and museums. Her work can also be found in the collections of companies and private persons. The work is special and uncommon and maybe therefore Briels has a defined group of enthusiastic fans.


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