Chapman, Russell


AcquestArte presents Russell Chapmann


Russell Chapman born in the UK in 1968, finished school at 18 and then joined the university of life. He has lived and worked in various countries including South Africa and the West Indies. He now lives in Switzerland where he is pursuing his passion for photography.



Russell Chapman’s artwork


He started studying photography when he was 10 years old, teaching himself all the aspects of art and science that are needed in order to produce a photograph that will bring pleasure to others.


Photography is about creating a moment that encapsulates not only what was seen at that moment but what was also felt. When we think about our memories, they are not like a movie that plays in our mind but our memories are like still shots where not only do we see the images but they bring into action the other senses. This is what photography is all about, re-creating not only the visual but also the emotional and sensual moment that will then create exactly the same in the mind of the person who sees it.


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