Gasparini, Max

AcquestArte presents Max Gasparini

Max Gasparini was born in Rovato (Brescia), Italy, in 1970. He currently lives in Bergamo Province. Self-taught, he has been paining since he was really young without the urge to show his work.

Max Gasparini’s artworks

His studies of Classic Painting are reflected in his intimate subjects: portraits, still lives, landscapes realized with oil colours and egg based watercolours on wood. In 2007 he “meets” the packing cardboard which frees him from the use of the easel and from the orthodox techniques. Max discovers the big brushes, the action freedom, the colour smearing and several other techniques, sometimes by chance, getting to the paradox of realizing his paintings with the paint remover. The female face as a whole, representation of the Universe (from Plato) and intended as a figuration of the Mother Earth is the subject of his work of the last 2 years. White paintins disappear, replaced by old rusty metal, yute, used sacks. No more word unknow, but a backward glance, using materials inspired by those who have already benefited.

Max Gasparini’s exhibitions

With this freedom of technique he now feels the need to show his works. Max Gasparini exhibitions include several solo and group exhibitions.


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