Bosa, Dario


Dario Bosa conjures with the power of colour, rhythm and shapes – a poetry on canvas. He is on the inexhaustible search for the intensity of shapes and colours
Which pass through and forms a harmony of art in a rhythmic interaction.
The quality of the composition and balance of his work is amazing.

Days and nights he spent his time with experimentation of textures and effects.
In his works he processes the signs of the times by collagen exemplary superposition of torn documents and stamps, which are installed with impasto techniques in to the picture and lift the human anonymity by contours depiction of people. Inspired by his travel through South America and Europe, he treated in his series “Urban people” in their respective urban environment with various material and turns it into a mythical and dreamlike events, to a dynamic composition.

Dario Bosa is since 20 years a dedicated and versatile artist, who express
his creative art in different ways. He lives and works in Santa Catherina, Brazil.
His works are exhibited in Brazil, England, Germany, France and Netherlands.
With his experimental techniques he has got attraction of the art public over again. Since his 15th birth is drawing and making sculptures. As an admirer of artists like Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt and Tapiés he realizes his creativity and poetry with humans as a dreaming subject on canvas.



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