Classic Italian Beauties

On September 28 our gallery opens the exhibition dedicated to Paolo da San Lorenzo, Fabio Calvetti and Ademaro Bardelli.

Three Italian artists, that use completely different painting techniques.

In the works of Calvetti, the atmosphere of solitude and silence is a contrast to the madness of modern life and takes place in the industrial suburbs during the silent hours of the night.
Paolo da San Lorenzo offers us artworks full of expression and artistic genius that know how to attract the observer, who is mesmerized in front of his canvases.

These artists have one thing in common: the protagonists of the paintings are always women. Classic Italian beauties, who are waiting to welcome you in our gallery.

"Classic Italian Beauties"
Paolo da San Lorenzo (IT) Fabio Calvetti (IT) and Ademaro Bardelli (IT)
From Saturday 28th September to Sunday 31th Decembre 2013

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Classic Italian Beauties