Much Too Much

Bram Reijnders - Much too much.

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In a world where we are haunted by advertising slogans, political promises, media hypes and self-promotion on Facebook, Bram Reijnders regularly asks himself: "So what is the truth?"
His art is extremely wanted and exhibited since 2012 in the USA, Brasil, Asia and Europe.




All Memories Are Advantage Zwart CHF 1950ALL MEMORIES ARE ADVANTAGE



Doors are open Zwart CHF 3400.00




Double Legs Zwart CHF 2350.00DOUBLE LEGS



Hold on To Romance zwart CHf 2900.00HOLD ON TO ROMANCE



Riding on the waves of Lightness Zwart CHF 1500.00RIDING ONG THE WAVES OF LIGHTNESS SOLD



Sex In The City Zwart CHF 2100.00SEX IN THE CITY



Shine, Sparkle, Seduce Zwart CHF 1950.00SHINE, SPARKLE, SEDUCE SOLD



The Thrill Zwart CHF 3000.00THE THRILL SOLD



Transformation To Paradice Zwart CHF 3400.00TRANSFORMATION TO PARADICE

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Much Too Much