Sign Of The Times

From the 23th June to the 30th August 2015 AcquestArte presents the exhibition "Sign of the Times", dedicated to 2 internationally successful extraordinary artists: Ilona Griss-Schwärzler and Dario Bosa.

The Power of colour, rhythm and shapes you will see from Dario Bosa, who lives and works in Santa Catharina, Brazil. Dario Bosa creates compositions of dreaming people in mystical surroundings.

The popping coloured portraits of Ilona Griss-Schwärzler from Austria have a magical attraction to the observer. Strong and harmonizing colours make her paintings alive. As she herself says: Her art is like a mental birth and an act of communication.

We celebrate the summer with them, the beautiful Ascona, the sun, blue skies… and life!

See you soon in the gallery.

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