Ramon Otting

DUTCH LIGHT - Everything happens in the landscape.


To the Dutch painter Ramon Otting (1969), the landscape is a huge source of inspiration. The landscape reflects our moods, is enjoyable, can heal, or gives cause for contemplation. Otting’s work is all about nature and what it does to us human beings. This interaction is essential. An almost physical ominous threat is present in many of his land- and seascapes – sometimes in dark and stormy skies, sometimes in overwhelming lightness. The superior power of nature compared to man, who will always lose, is palpable.


“I’d love to literally transfer nature’s behavior onto canvas. To paint like that is like almost merging with nature, even though there’s always some sense of shaping the image. But of course this is never attainable, this can only happen in nature. Sometimes you can also go too far, so you fall over, but that’s good too. In the end it’s all about the endeavour, because we can never really attain nature’s perfection. We’ll always be confronted with our shortcomings and insignificance. But it’s a requisite for us humans to persevere, on the road to the goal. Even though essentially you’re not, or only hardly, doing anything new.”

More and more, Otting’s work concentrates on building the wholeness to be found in nature. From low viewpoints and using terroir – soil or sand and seawater from the spot where he finds the inspiration, Otting shows us the beauty and wealth of form and colour in nature. The looseness of his painting opens up his work even more and strengthens the power in the details. Paintings which capture that wondrous effect of light upon universal landscapes based on the rich Dutch cultural background...... Dutch Light.

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