Kramaric, Lena


Lena Kramaric was born in 1982 and grew up in Zagreb (Croatia). Except for a brief time in Zara, where she studied Italian and art history, she attended the School of Art and Design, the Graphic Design School and the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. For improving her talent, in fall 2010 she began to attend a course for post-graduated in Fine Arts. Meanwhile, she has already done more than 14 solo exhibitions and 16 group exhibitions, initially only in Croatia but also in Switzerland and the Netherlands. Lena Kramaric lives and works in Zagreb and Dubrovnik.


Croatian artists often have one thing in common: they have received an excellent or good level of training in art, therefore their technical skills are usually extraordinary. The young Croatian artist Lena Kramaric is no exception. But besides being technically excellent, Kramaric also has a very distinct style that makes her work recognizable from a distance.


The human figures brought to life by Kramaric on canvas, paper or cardboard, often seem to have more lives behind them, are people with old ghosts. Many people once captured by the charm of the work of Kramaric can not do without it.


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