Faassen, Casper


Casper Faassen (1975, NL) is a young talented Dutch painter who lives and works in Leiden (NL). After an exploration period of study and work at home and abroad in 2002 Faassen decided to focus exclusively on art. And with success: in 2007 he won a prestigious award as "Most Promising Talent" and in 2008 released a book about his life and his work as an artist.


The unique art of this inspired artist found his way in the Netherlands and abroad. In 2010 Faassen entered the international art scene with representations in art fairs in London, Chicago, Miami and New York! Faassen's work is a modern exploration of traditional beauty, including its vanity. The woman symbolizes the beauty. She is represented in a continuous change without equal, the same but always different. Women appear to be linked and reminiscent of the Madonnas of the Middle Ages.


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