Behind the name „AlexandFelix“ are Alex Gertschen and Felix Meier. Alex and Felix stands for photography that comes from new perspectives and that opens new eyes. They stage their very own worlds, driven by the ambition to uncover visual languages that haven’t been spoken before and express them.  Their productions have been exhibited both in Switzerland and abroad. The boarders that they crossed in the process haven’t only been geographical ones. They move freely, also towards your personal ideas and views.  The previous result of their collaboration spreads over the pages of an illustrated book that can be ordered through this website.



Characteristic for their work is the staging that precedes their actual shooting. Based on divers objects and materials Alex and Felix are crafting backdrops for the pictures, creating imaginative, often somewhat absurd and surreal worlds. It is their conscious decision to build their sceneries in real terms and not on a computer screen. Thanks to the realistic backgrounds, the pictures never give the impression of being artificial but look vibrant and playful.


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