Dorpe, Bea


Bea Van Dorpe was born in Kortrijk (Belgium) in 1944. Daughter of a Belgian sculptor, Van Dorpe got love for sculpture from the family. The choice of the Academy of Fine Arts was granted. Van Dorpe studied sculpture (1959-61) and then applied arts (1966-1969) at the Art Academy in Kortrijk, graduating with honors. In 1988 her work won the bronze medal at the European Art. Van Dorpe exhibits his work both in Belgium and abroad, in particular in the Netherlands, France, Lebanon and Luxembourg. The images of Van Dorpe have found their way to the world, but the artist has remained true to his native land: Van Dorpe lives and works in Marke, a village close to Kortrijk.


Van Dorpe usually works with clay, but also with bronze. Her sculptures are people or androids, emerging from the ancestral land and created with love for the material. They are peaceful, a blend of spiritual freedom and formal demeanor. Creatures that appear like those of Pompeii, creatures that carry the memory of a forgotten civilizations. Their images radiate a sense of eternity.


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