Trnski, Velimir


Velimir Trnski (HR 1947) was born in Podravina, in northern Croatia. From an early age, painting has been his passion and his sole preoccupation. He follows his (not only excellent technical) training at the Art Academy of Zagreb and at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Frequent trips enrich Trnski's knowledge of ancient painting techniques which he uses skilfully as the counterpart of new materials, techniques and ideas. His elegant, enchanting paintings are about love and ordinary daily life where Trnski himself knows well as a keen observer. The (patriotic) history and well-known predecessors such as Klimt and Schiele are also important sources of inspiration. Trnski builds his memories, dreams, mystical and delicate eroticism in thin layers on a graceful degradation of time. The technique of his paintings is perfect, nuanced and timely daring. It is a cocktail of strict iconography, fleeting traces of the Renaissance and the language of symbolism. Rational and irrational, past and present, wild expressionism and photographic realism are fused into a beauty that shows slowly its secrets. Accessing Trnski’s world is addictive. Trnski is truly a virtuoso with canvas and brush. It is therefore not surprising that Trnski boasts an impressive number (solo) exhibitions in Croatia, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Germany, the United States, France, Switzerland and Japan. His work is also included in several international and national art collections. Velimir Trnski works and lives alternately in Paris and Zagreb.


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